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Bruce David Hales lives with his wife of 42 years Jenny in Sydney. They have six married children and fourteen grandchildren. Bruce is the most senior leader in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and travels and serves extensively within the Church.

Some of his gospel preachings have been printed in tract form and are available for all. Bruce was born in Croydon, Sydney, in He is the third son of John S. He went on to manage the practice with a number of highly qualified staff. In he completed the sale of the accountancy practice but continued on as a financial advisor and auditor.

This business was then taken over and he resigned from all active and direct involvement. From an early age, Bruce set himself to help others and has used his means and resources to that end. Many from within and outside the Church can testify to his generosity and willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience. Those who know him are inspired by his leadership, his administrative ability and his capacity to attend to detail and see matters through to completion.

His commitment to the Church, and its Christian values is unwavering. He spends a lot of time sharing his views and his Christian faith and values with younger members of the PBCC. For everyone whosoever, who shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved. Family is at the heart of everything we believe and everything we do.

Through our faith we are inspired to be good and caring neighbours. We endeavour to live in the generous and caring spirit of Christ our saviour.Rumour has it that he has been described by a non - community member, and ex-employee who has previously held a senior position in the company.

Interesting to have a photo identified. I hope we will have more. All part of massive tax avoiding web, I suppose. The Brethren divided my husband's family in - wrongly, the family were informed at the HEB review in - and we have told them and told them ever since that review, that the extended family were left distraught, damaged and dysfunctional - very much "in need".

NOTHING has been offered by way of support or restitution or reunification, apart from a small payment from an elderly female HEB to her exEB daughter, and the Brethren took the most mentally damaged member of the family back into the fold in when he could no longer be housed by exEB members of the family, due to his past actions. I don't need to name names here; some guilty consciences in the Brethren will quickly be able to work out the extended family of whom I speak.

But I cannot just sit back and let the UK Brethren say on a public website that they care for those in need.

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They rip apart families, and then do nothing to repair them I will be the first in line to let the Charity Commission know if I think the HEB have started behaving like a group that genuinely has public benefit at its heart and as its purpose.

There are some thousands of reparations to torn families needed before that day can possibly come With love to all, in the Brethren and out. Title: Unispace is not what they seem… Pros: None. I worked at Unispace full-time. There was no process or software to support the work, everything was tracked manually by using spreadsheets. Cons: Management doesn't have a design background or higher education so there is no clear direction nor do they believe in higher education.

It's disorganized and there's no project management or leadership. They hire people with the skills they are lacking in and pass them off as their own since you work for them. They are constantly changing the name of the company, i.

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Advice to management: Don't parade the company as something other than the truth and don't pass yourself off as a design turn-key operation. Please be civil — we will remove anything that: Is considered likely to provoke, attack or offend other forum posters, Is racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable, contains swear words or other language likely to offend, breaks the law, condones or encourages unlawful activity or which could endanger the safety or well-being of others, impersonates someone else or advertises products or services.

Friday, 11 October In the UK. Brethren own businesses, employ persons from all walks of life, and provide for those in need. Regular meetings are part of the Brethren way of life and family values are upheld as a key element to the life and vitality found in our congregations.

The Brethren in the UK contribute a lot to the economy and add colour to the tolerant and vibrant society that makes the UK such a wonderful place to live. This section covers news relating to the Brethren in the UK.

This article has been quoted here in accordance with International Copyright laws which allow work to be quoted for purposes of commentary, criticism and parody. It is purely to see the difference between actual comment as on the PBCC site, and uncensored comments as we have here below :. Anonymous 11 October at Anonymous 12 October at Anonymous 15 October at Anonymous 16 April at Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.A towering, flawed mountain of a man, McCorkell went nervously on the record with me, breaking ranks a decade after leaving the church and confessing to the role he had played in the history of cover-ups.

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Led by multi-millionaire Sydney businessman Bruce D. Hales, it hides from public scrutiny. Its members will not eat, form friendships or communicate with outsiders, except to do business with them or to lobby conservative politicians. World leader of the Exclusive Brethren, Bruce Hales. Photo: Paul Harris. That case continues in a different Sydney court. In suburban meeting halls in Australian cities, the Brethren held prayer gatherings in which they appealed to God for the death or "removal" of me and McCorkell over "the legal proceedings in Sydney".

They also talked with their wallets. They resorted to bribery. On Friday, October 21, last year, he flew from his Queensland home to Sydney to renegotiate. Grimshaw's name might have been on the agreement, but it was not him talking turkey. Dean Hales did not return calls, and Grimshaw said it was "not convenient" to talk when I spoke to him at home this week. I'm tired and nervous but excited. On November 16, he texted his mate, saying: "Dean Hales is going to tell Lloyd to release.

Six days later, on November 22, there was none of the nervous excitement of October: "I'm not flash so home having a nap and a vomit," he texted. Any such information must be held "in strict confidence". In addition, McCorkell was purportedly barred from giving evidence in a court case, provided he had come by any such evidence through his work with the Brethren. Legally, though, it could never have that effect.

The first was a decade ago when, through him, they offered me and my family an all-expenses paid trip to Noumea on the understanding that I stop writing about the Brethren's links to then-prime minister John Howard and their secret donations to Liberal and National Party campaigns.

McCorkell never put the offer to me. Instead, in an email in October to McNaughton, he advised the Brethren leaders against it. An attempted bribe would likely "achieve the exact opposite" of what was intended, he wrote.

It went no further. In return, they wanted him to sign a statutory declaration saying I had coerced him to give his interview, and that he had been quoted out of context. Asked about this exchange this week, McNaughton said: "No, I do not recall that whatsoever.

He then signed a statutory declaration outlining the above details, which he sent to me. At the time, he wanted me to tell the story. After July 15 last year, though, he suddenly went cold on the idea. Only later did I find out that was the same day he signed the "Services and Confidentiality Deed". Two things then happened. In a tape recorded phone conversation, he said: "I mean, they gave it. They did it as a business deal. It did not keep him going for long. He died of complications of diabetes a few months later.

On October 3, the Brethren lost their defamation case against me and Fairfax.

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

The Brethren were ordered to pay Fairfax's costs.The group has its origins in Exclusive Brethrena Plymouth Brethren group [1] [2]itself a branch of the Open Brethren. The PBCC was established in the early nineteenth century. At this time many Christians were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the Anglican Church with its forms and customs.

Some of the most prominent teachers of the Brethren were living in Plymouth, UK. By the first permanent meetings were held in simple meeting rooms and these gathering places became known as those of the Plymouth Brethren.

There are now over 50, people who identify as members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. Members of the group believe that "God's principle of unity" is achieved by separating from that which they consider evil.

Members of the group do not engage with television, radio, and the open internet. The Brethren reserve all social activities for those with whom they celebrate the "Lord's Supper" their name for the Eucharistexcluding even family who are not members of the church. Such activities include eating, drinking and entertainment, as well as club and professional memberships, directorships, shares.

Eating in restaurants and staying at hotels are also avoided. Services on Sunday start with the "Lord's Supper" at 6 am and worship in small groups. At the Bible Study meeting is held and other activities continue through the day. There are further meetings every night of the week. Despite the fact that in many [ according to whom? In theory, well disposed members of the public are free to come to their gospel preachings and other meetings, but in practice most 'gospel preaching' has been done on street corners, although they claim not to seek to make converts, instead preferring to 'leave the word of God hanging in the air'.

The addresses of Hales [ who? The Brethren encourage a traditional marriage and family life. Children live at the family home until they marry and are required to marry within the fellowship.

Physical contact between young men and women before marriage is not tolerated, and courting between couples is chaperoned. Men are expected to provide for their families while the women manage the household. Women married to men outside the church are known as 'widows for the truth'.

Hidden prophets

The aged and sick are usually cared for by other member families possibly unrelatedalthough private non-Brethren nursing homes are sometimes utilised for the elderly.

Few people not born into the Brethren become members, and relatively few of those born into the group leave.

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The strongest is family. Women are somewhat subservient to men, they sit behind the men in meetings and their service is to select hymns, not to pray out loud or teach. They have to wear a scarf or ribbon in their hair to signify that the man is head of the woman. In Brethren businesses they are not allowed to have any position where they direct men, so are limited to junior roles.

Brethren members can drink alcohol at home, but being visibly drunk is frowned on and smoking and gambling are forbidden.

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Critics of the PBCC have accused it of using cult techniques by controlling all aspects of its members' lives. To help with this problem, several websites have been set up to assist people that have left the church to adjust back into mainstream society.

There are two main forms of discipline in the Brethren: 'shutting up' and 'withdrawing from'. Shutting up is a temporary measure where the offending member has no contact with the other members except for occasional visits from designated elders, when they are quizzed about their 'sin', told what they need to do to 'get right' and assessed whether they have repented sufficiently.

The period can be humiliatingly long. A person who is 'withdrawn from' is excommunicatedcut off from all family contact and regarded as a pariah. Both punishments are handed out by senior members of the assembly who may consult other brethren up to and including the 'Man of God'. They are given for sexual misdemeanours, and for speaking out against others or inappropriately in the assembly, but less often than in previous years.It was about the man in whose house she was living — an elder of the Christian sect to which they all belonged.

But if the girl thought telling her mum would make it stop, she had not reckoned on the power of the Exclusive Brethren. The elder's wife took the child into the room where it had happened. Then the interrogation began. For hours the woman questioned the little girl.

bruce hales unispace

She made her act out the attacks. So long did it go on that the child's own mother left the room to sleep. Later still, the perpetrator himself, Lindsay Jensen — nearly two metres tall, weighing kilograms, rich, pious, respected in his religious community — came in and confronted the girl himself.

bruce hales unispace

Finally, the girl relented to the pressure and signed a note on a little lined page saying that she had lied. The power of the institution is then bent to covering it up. But not the Exclusive Brethren, a wealthy Protestant sect of 40, worldwide including 15, in Australialed by Sydney-based Bruce Hales. Among the Brethren now rebranded as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Churchpublic scrutiny is shunned just as surely as are radios, TVs, voting and other trappings of "worldly" society.

So far this group has managed to fly under the radar. Former Brethren member and spokesperson Tony McCorkell: "I deeply regret my part in keeping the lid on this," he says. Just like the girl and her abuser, and everyone else in the Brethren, he was born into the sect.

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But inon Tony's sixth birthday, his father — from a prominent Queensland family within the insular community of the church — was kicked out. He was lucky enough to take his wife and children with him, but McCorkell grew up not knowing any of his extended family.

Separate Lives - Exclusive Brethren in Australia

Then, into the dismay of much of his family, McCorkell went back. The Brethren had come to public notoriety after it spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence the election in favour of conservative Christian PM John Howard. A similar scandal unfolded in the New Zealand, when it emerged the church made donations to then National Party leader Don Brash's campaign.

The virtually unknown sect that had dominated his own family's life was now on the national stage, as Brethren members campaigned on the streets in Hobart against the gay-friendly Greens, and threatened journalists outside churches.

They discussed hiring him as a consultant. Hales then pressed him to become the Brethren spokesman. A year later, McCorkell rejoined the Church, recommitting himself to the people who had shunned his parents.

Then he did something he still cannot believe: for a time, he applied his professional skills to defending the sect against accusations that it had turned its back while its own children were being harmed.

Why would he do such a thing? It's a question McCorkell, now 37, still struggles with. An enormous man — tall, broad and imposing — McCorkell falters when talking about it.

It's hard for him to explain what was going on in his head when he was re-indoctrinated into the sect. McCorkell left the Brethren again seven years ago, signing a confidentiality agreement on the way out. Since then, he has mulled the rights and wrongs of revealing what he knows, first agreeing to talk, then pulling back.

Strangely, he feels remnants of an old loyalty towards Hales. Now, regardless, he has decided to speak. He feels a responsibility to do it. Two emotions drive him. McCorkell is ashamed of the role he played, and angry that the Brethren should have got away with it for so long while others are being held to account.

Hales took over after his father, John, the previous leader, died inand can expect to lead the sect until his death. He has ultimate control over how the Brethren dress and wear their hair and make-up, with whom they eat and whom they marry, where they live, where their children go to school and what entertainment they seek.Yassine has more than 13 years of experience in delivering important construction projects in Switzerland.

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Jody is an experienced designer and expert project manager who has overseen and coordinated major projects from design to construction. She has managed design teams and worked with construction contractors as well as multiple departments and consultants to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Elena is responsible for coordinating the design team, programming client needs, conceptual and schematic design, design development and management schedules. Elena works with the client to select interior finishes, furniture and equipment, providing design solutions and alternatives. A beacon for the Unispace brand, Nicola seamlessly collaborates with all disciplines to share our compelling narrative internally and externally.The Australian man who leads the Exclusive Brethren has said a mentally tormented young member of his flock would be better to "get a shot of poison" and "finish yourself off" than talk to members of his own family.

Bruce D. Hales is the wealthy Sydney-based global leader of the controversial, 45,strong Christian sect, whose word is regarded by his followers as infallible gospel. Hales, Sydney-based leader of the Exclusive Brethren, pictured with his wife Jennifer. Members do not vote, but were at one point meeting regularly with former prime minister John Howard.

At a recent meeting in the United Kingdom, Mr Hales was asked about how a year-old man with "mind trouble" should be dealt with, because he was in contact with "opposers" — people who have left the Brethren.

bruce hales unispace

The "opposers" in question are understood to be members of the man's own family who have already left the Brethren. Mr Hales said "having links" with them was "rotten poison", and that the poison had got into the young man, who is from New Zealand. Despite having been told that the man was "in what would appear to be torment at times," Mr Hales told the meeting it would be better for him to kill himself. What's the stuff?

No, not cyanide," Mr Hales says. How do you get arsenic into you? He'd be better to take arsenic, or go and get some rat poison or something, take a bottle of it. Mr Hales then appears to contradict himself: "Now I'm not advocating him doing that but He also makes a play on words with the name of the young man's initials, BS, suggesting he was referring to "bullshit", then adding, "send the bastard back [to New Zealand]". Exclusive Brethren are notoriously heavy drinkers.

One of the sect's seminal moments was when a former world leader, James Taylor Junior, got riotously drunk and started abusing his flock and talking nonsense in the church service.

The following day he was also found in bed with the naked wife of one of his flock — an incident that split the Brethren. In another meeting recently, Mr Hales, a wealthy Sydney-based office furniture magnate, was asked about traitors and said they would "get shot in the army An Exclusive Brethren spokesman told Fairfax Media the comments should not be given a "literal interpretation", and had been taken out of context. He is using a common, everyday metaphor It is hardly unusual for a preacher or minister in any religion to warn a congregation to avoid people who extol certain beliefs and that those beliefs are 'poison'.

The spokesman said Mr Hales' advice was about "how to assist a young man who is unhappy That could only be interpreted as being made to feel welcome".

Exclusive Brethren leader Bruce Hales says man 'in torment' should kill himself. The Sydney Morning Herald. Former members have compared Mr Hales' recent outbursts to those alcohol-fuelled antics. The sect's website says that young people are "made to feel wanted".

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